For ten years the Brown Bag Songwriting Competition has helped to spur the craft of music-making in Asheville and far beyond. On Wednesday, November 16, Scotty hosts Debrissa McKinney and Alex Krug in the noon hour to chat about the series and the upcoming finals on Saturday at The One Stop.

RESONANT ROGUES Live Thursday, November 17th at 5pm

Nov 14, 2016
Stephen Houseworth

“Want to hear the melting pot that’s the ongoing cultural experiment known as the United States of America? Then you should listen to the Resonant Rogues. The Asheville, N.C., group blends Balkan, klezmer, gypsy, hot jazz and old-time influences to create a genre-blending music that couldn’t happen anywhere else.” –Chris Bopst of Style Weekly. They have a few gigs in their hometown and in Charlotte before hightailing it to Colorado for much of December.

Mark Schimick (Asheville) has been a mandolin maniac with Larry Keel & Natural Bridge for years, and we know Josh Daniel (Charlotte) as guitarist with the New Familiars. Bassist Greg Howell is from the Outer Banks, and rounds out the trio of the JDMS Project. They have a string of shows in Charlotte, Asheville, & Shelby these next few weeks; keep up with them here, and by tuning in Thursday afternoon!

DRIFTWOOD Live Wednesday, November 16th at 11am

Nov 14, 2016

This Upstate New York band blends folk, bluegrass, old-time, country, punk, and rock quite well on their new release City Lights. The band, which features banjoist Joe Kollar, violinist Claire Byrne, guitarist Dan Forsyth and bassist Joey Arcuri, play Asheville Wednesday, and Charlotte, Thursday.

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THE WALCOTTS Live Monday, November 14th at 3pm

Nov 14, 2016

They draw their primary inspiration from The Band (including their name -- can you name the song reference?), but this L.A. band has also been influenced by Chris Stapleton, HoneyHoney, Bruce Springsteen....Or as No Depression says, "Dr John and Tom Waits spend a night drinking together somewhere between New Orleans and Los Angeles. A great cross-pollination of R&B, Soul and Country".

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