The Friday Feature Interview of the Week from June 24 (2016) was about Hydro One, a patented beverage that has been proven to help blood sugar levels for Diabetics and provide other health benefits.   The drinks were the brain child of Guest Sammy Nasrollahi, CEO and Co-Founder, of Hydro One - based in the WNCW listening region in Greenwood, SC.  Sammy and his friends, a scientist and doctor, created the variety of better health drinks.  Listen to their story.

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Ames Alexander of the Charlotte Observer shares the details of the papers recent stories on Carolinas Medical Healthcare of Charlotte and the recent lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Dept. and the NC Attorney General that alleges the health care provider drives up cost by curbing competition.  Original air date was June 22, 2016.

Posted by Host and Producer Paul Foster

ROBERT ELLIS Live Thursday, June 30th at 2pm

Jun 23, 2016

The Lights From the Chemical Plant, this Texas-to-Nashville songwriter's previous album, was a big hit among WNCW listeners. He's moved his sound in a bit of a different direction on his new, self-titled one, but his sharp, wry, insightful songwriting remains intact. He and his band play Knoxville on Wednesday and Charlotte on Thursday.  He will join us live in the Air Studio at 2pm on Thursday, June 30.

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